Barbara Brown Taylor

Leaving Church: A Memoir of Faith

Annie Dillard has said that Barbara Brown Taylor's writing is "wonderfully intelligent, moving, and direct." Now, in the tradition of the writings of Kathleen Norris and Anne Lamott, Taylor gives an account of her journey. From city to country, from full time parish minister to college professor, from urban dweller to part-time farmer, Taylor discovers that life with God entails "a wondrous uncertainty" despite our best laid plans. After ten years in a big urban church, Taylor arrives in Clarkesville (population 1,500) thinking her dream has come true. And it has. But five and a half years later, Taylor realizes that in order to keep her faith she must now leave the church--that, in fact, God is leading her into a new direction, one she could not have imagined when she was first ordained. Anyone who has experienced doubts about his or her chosen vocation, or those drawn to worship God in a community but who have a hard time finding their place in church, will find a kindred spirit in Taylor.

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